Streaming Media Services

Live streaming allows you to broadcast audio and video content over the Internet. No matter where you are broadcasting from and no matter where your audience is, our reliable Live Streaming Service will deliver.

NRS Infoways has a great deal of experience in the areas of video and audio streaming. We can provide full streaming solutions including services like converting or encoding your audio and video files into all the possible streaming media streaming formats.

We can do everything from the provision of the streaming service, to the onsite setup of the streaming hardware. As part of the process, we can also evaluate different options for cameras, PCs and streaming media server technology to determine which will be most suitable to meet your requirements. Simultaneous streaming of live events to your website and various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, Twitter Periscope, and many more. We help you manage delivery of on-demand or live digital media content.

We can also assist you to setup live streaming for a radio station.