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Caring 24×7 Support

Our support team are fully trained with many years of experience. They’re ready and willing to help no matter how simple or complicated the problem.

Industry Leading Hosting

We pride ourself on our R&D, and we’re continuously improving our hosting and our hardware to offer you the very best performance and features. It’s cheap web hosting at it’s best.

99.9{3eab00d21f97e154864cc9483a25b2dd6203a1f476c2cabb2cde37a9fd223052} Uptime Guarantee

Our cloud architecture means we can promise you at least 99.9{3eab00d21f97e154864cc9483a25b2dd6203a1f476c2cabb2cde37a9fd223052} uptime, and we normally hit 100{3eab00d21f97e154864cc9483a25b2dd6203a1f476c2cabb2cde37a9fd223052} uptime each and every month. Downtime is unheard of with NRShost!